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Spades is one of the most interesting games played with cards. It is known as partnership trip taking game of cards. The popularity and the demand of the spades game has brought this game online. Many people all over the world play this game from different parts of the world in the internet. There are several factors which have retained the interest of people toward this game. All the interesting features of the traditional spades game are available in the online spades game. Spades suicide which is considered as one of the most interesting features of Spades game is available in internet spades. Many people do not have complete information about Spades Suicide. To know about Spades suicide one can check the internet.

In the internet, you can find several information on Spade Suicide. But the best place to know about Spades Suicide is the online spades site of Spadester. The online site of Spadester has complete information on Spades Suicide. The term Spades Suicide means a bid that is played by four players who plays the spades game as partners. Bidding for Spades Suicide are, each player needs to bid nil or four tricks at least. Second player who is bidding in each partnership might bid opposite or might bid what his partners have bid. This will force the other players in taking opposite bid.

There is also one more version of spades suicide and that is also played by four players. In this version of the spades suicide, the four players play as partners. Bidding in this version of Spades suicide is like the normal. Only exception in this Spades Suicide is, each team will be forced for bidding nil. Therefore, if leading partners do not want to bid nil then also the team will have to bid it. Thus, the hands of the players would be limited.

When you want to play Spades Suicide then you should know the rules for the game. By learning the spades rules to play the Spades suicide, you would be able to get the maximum entertainment of the game. A player should avoid any kind of tricks while playing Spades Suicide as he or she would have to bid for nil. The game is very interesting and if played skillfully then one would be able to win the bid easily. Spades Suicides is not something very difficult and any player can play it easily.

The players continue to play Spades Suicide till a team would reach agreed winning score. In most of the games, the winning scores are 500 points. In Spadester you can find all the tips and warnings of spade suicide. In this site, you can also find about Spadester Scam, Spadester Payout and Spadester No Payout. If you want to play spades then Spadester is your destination. This site has gaming software for the users of Windows as well as Mac. Visit the website of  and get all the excitement of the game.
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